Monday, March 3, 2014


So this setup might look a little dopey but it works.  We had the sink for our oldest daughter, and I guess we must have put it away because our younger daughter said she doesn't remember it at all!  It was put in storage under our basement steps. There is a wall that hides most of that underspace and that is where this story starts.  I walked past this area and found a pink carriage that our grand daughter is having a great time with!  Cleaned that and the sink up for her. 

The white wicker piece I just got free from a thrift shop and the table I had sitting on our deck. It was being used for flowers to sit on.  The legs are rusting so I wanted to save it and now here is a great chance to do so.  I got the table from my old elementary school when they closed!

I plan on painting the wicker and the table a nice purple when the weather gets warmer. The spray paint says it has has to be fifty degrees. Well, that isn't happening anytime soon!!! The paint also is for metal, wood, plastic and wicker!  YAY for this paint!   I will post pictures of the finished projects later!