Wednesday, February 26, 2014


This past weekend, I had the privelege to go to a Christian ladies retreat at a fairly local camp. Seven other ladies from our church went also. This was the type of event hat we did not have to plan as that was all taken care of by the people at the camp.  I have become friends with on of the ladies I met there. She lives closer to Baltimore/D.C. Area. The church they attend is a lot different than the one we attend. They have a lot of people to move around a lot and that has to make it an interesting place to worship Jesus. They have folks from the USA and all over the world, including Nigeria and Jamaica.

Our speaker was Cindy Foor.  She is so easy to listen to and is all about living out the Word! She went over Hebrews 11, the wall of Faith as she calls it.  There are so many examples of people who could have walked away from listening to God but didn't. Because of their faith in God, He blessed them. I think one of my favorites is Rahab.  She is called a prostitute several times in the scriptures that talk about her, and yet because she helped two of God's chosen, her family was saved! She asked, in faith, that when the destruction came, that her entire family would be saved. They told hr, if your family is under the same roof as you, they will be safe! For days, they had to live together to be certain of their safety. They didn't know anymore than we do when God is coming.

Cindy is the type of speaker who prays before, during and after the retreat, for the women attending! I didn't know this when the following incident took place but I found out soon after.  Toward end of one of the sessions, I had to sneak out for a few minutes. Use your imagination! Too much hot tea for  breakfast, I guess.  Anyway, Cindy had been talking about us asking for forgiveness for ourselves and for others and to others. On my very short walk back to the meeting room, I passed a lady who looked upset and sitting by herself.  I stopped and asked if she was alright and she said no. She was feeling very convicted about a situation regarding her marriage and her husband. I can't and won't go into details as I do not feel as though it is my place. I did sit and talk with her but mostly listened. Really listened!!  Turns out she blames herself and something our speaker said really hit home.  I prayed with her for a short time and then I didn't see her until the next session. Cindy came in to start the session and before she did she said something like "I am feeling like some of you are struggling with feeling convicted with something from your past. Please know that God tells us that when we ask for forgiveness, God forgets about it!"  How is that for God working!!

Some of us from church are working on the book "Unglued" by Lysa TerKeurst.  It is a great book that talks about us as women, losing our emotions and controlling our emotions through victory in Jesus.  We have been working on this for several weeks now, and I being this up because as soon as I got home from this amazing biblical retreat, Satan jumped in and tried his best to get me to lose control.  I had to literally stop and say out loud, "Satan get away from me! You will not win this battle! I am a daughter of Jesus!"  In a matter of seconds I was totally calm! Praise Jesus!!

I am not to the point where nothing will set me off, but with prayers, accountability from my sisters in Christ, and work on my part I can get there. Please pray for me as I continue to make time, not find time to do my devotions. I have found that having a speaking Bible app works great, as I can use it while getting dressed and perhaps one of these times I will remember to use in while driving!  Thanks and have an awesome day!