Friday, February 14, 2014

The cabana boy is fired!

I was thinking today, as I shoveled snow for what felt like the hundredth time, that I wish I had a "snow boy."  Since we don't have a pool, I guess I can't have a pool boy!  I started by working on the driveway but not before the dog helped make a path to my car. It isn't a huge drive, just over two car lengths long but when you are doing it yourself, it can be huge. I did find a little heart as I worked on the spot where my hubby Jay parks. I thought this was a cute thing since it is Valentine's day and all. 

As some of you might know, I usually seem to have issues getting my devotions done on a regular basis. I know this is my own fault and that it can be changed but I am not making excuses. It might seem like a weird thing to bring up in the middle of snow pictures but keep reading and it will makes sense. I hope. This year for Bible quizzing, we are studying Exodus. I got to a point today working in the driveway, that I was physically reaching my breaking point. Looking around, I figured the best thing to do was start praying, and for what ever reason, Moses and the forty year desert journey came to mind.  Being at my mental breaking point by this point and on the verge of tears, I started looking at the snow as my desert.  Now this doesn't happen often (to me anyway) but when it does, it is for a good reason which comes in loud and clear.  Remembering a friend's post on Facebook this morning, he talked about be thankful for shovels. That could seem like a weird thing but for him it is a big thing. He has MS, so he posts something everyday that he is thankful for! Wheels (cars, wheelchairs), shovels,  his family/wife, fans/air conditioning, etc. I have two dear friends who are both cancer survivors but can't get out and do this kind of stuff around their house. My hubby might have to go leave for work at five am due to the snow, and might not get home until eight at night for the same reason but I can do this. This is just a season in life and in our life.  Wielding a shovel for several hours today and reaching breaking points, knowing that I have the ability to do this stuff, even while dealing with lupus and arthritis, made me feel whiny. Crying out to God was my sanity today!  After lunch I got another crazy idea! Why don't I shovel off our deck??!! Now, granted it is ten by ten or something like that so it isn't huge but you get the point.  Anyway, I had trouble opening my back door so I had to push the door open as far as I could, and try to shovel a bit. Let's just say that is quite the adventure.  If you look at the pictures below, you can see part of the mess that loomed ahead (not as bad as the driveway though).  After I managed to get enough shoveled to reach the swing, I had my handy dandy yardstick ready. 19 inches in two days!!!!  So glad, that I had the foresight to fill my suet feeders yesterday morning. At the corner of the deck you might be able to see a thistle feeder bag, which was half full of ice.  The deck isn't perfect but it is ready for the next two-five inches we are supposed to get tonight or wait is that tomorrow??  I do try to start every weekday morning watching Joyce Meyer but that is no excuse.Who knows but I know that this has been a great lesson for me...get off my butt and do my devotions. Feel free to keep me accountable! 

Part of the point to this story, is this. Even in the midst of my desert, I need to remember a few things. First and foremost, do my daily devotions. Be thankful to God everyday (I am!) for my health even when I hurt so much I want to cry. I can still physically walk into the house and take some over the counter meds that will help me deal with it.  Next, be appreciative of the fact that my hubby is able to work. I have several friends who are either widows or their hubby can't do this to due to health issues.  Hugs and blessings to all of you who might read this today or in the future.