Saturday, March 15, 2014

Thelma and Louise--our way!

Recently I had the privilege of taking a friend out to Ohio for a medical trip. The doctors in our area really aren't comfortable dealing with the issues that she has but the surgeons we talked to at the University of Ohio will! This was  a seven hour trip for us from our little corner of the world. This is one way!  We had so many prayer warriors praying for us, even in their slow time at work (thanks Shirley!).

Along the way, we passed many places that looked like these two spots.  Ohio had just had six inches of snow the day before we got there, so we were feeling very blessed with a blast of cold and wind. No snow, no ice. Well except in the parking lots. Friday morning as we had breakfast at our motel. We chatted a little with the man who was keeping the food area full. Very nice man and I am sorry to say, we didn't get his name.  I mentioned that we were in the area for medical reasons, and that if he thought about us through the day, to please pray. His comment? "Of course, sister!"  
Our driving time both on the way out and on the way home, was very uneventful, which is a good thing!My dear friend, Fran, was kind enough to take most of these pictures while I drove. Hmmm perhaps I should have posted all the ones she took of her lap and my dashboard! She isn't used to using the kind of phone camera I have. Traveling at seventy miles an hour while a lot of tractor trailers are passing you makes you realize who blessed you are to have people praying for you.  
Soon after leaving Ohio, she fell asleep due to the pain in her back and from the stress of why we were traveling.  I happened to see a red truck pass on my left and realized as I read the side of the tractor, that it was a company that is a half of a block from her house! When Fran woke up, I told her about it and of course we laughed about the odds.  I did comment that it would be funny if we both pulled into the same rest area.  Guess what! We did!! I pulled into the rest area to get gas. When I went to get my change, I realized there was a man walking away from the building with a this company's logo on the back.  I certainly couldn't pass up the chance to say hello to a neighbor, even if we had never met yet!  I yelled out to him, "excuse me, excuse me!"  He turned around, looked at me and said, "I didn't do it."  How's that for a sense of humor. I told him he actually did. Informing him of the fact that she and I both live very close to a certain restaurant, he said "NO WAY!"  We both laughed when we thought about the odds of this happening.  Fran and I both figured he went back to the shop and told everyone! 

To those of you who were praying for this trip, thank you! For those of you who will be praying for her next trip, which will be for surgery, thank you! 
Mostly, she and I would both thank Jesus for his faithfulness to his children.