Monday, March 10, 2014

Prayers for today--update

March 11, 2014 I woke up this morning feeling grumpy and out of sorts. I didn't sleep much due to a hubby with a head cold. Blahhh can I hit the dislike button on these! Self-pity was also threatening to hit today. God has an amazing sense of timing! Being bluntly honest, I was feeling sorry for myself because of a thought that came around three a.m.! Satan is such a yucky "person" at that stage of sleep and thinking. Anyway, my self-doubt was about my closest friends and realizing that I couldn't honestly say who I would be able to call and just go have lunch with, as in the spur of the moment! How sad to think that way. I couldn't help wonder if I should have my ladies Bible study group pray about it for me tonight! Ha! As I said, God's timing is amazing. I just received a phone call from a friend who has major health issues, who is wondering how she can deal with this much longer, and should she go to the emergency room! She is a cancer survivor, by the way. She does have an appt., with a dr. in another state next week, which if plans stay the way they are for her, I will be taking her out. How is that for having something put into perspective! Wow, talk about feeling a little ridiculous about my lunch date. March 12, 2014 My friend went into our local hospital yesterday, and was kept for observation. They told her to get to her appointment in Ohio as quickly as possible. We leave for Ohio tomorrow and as of mow I will be the only driver. it is at least a seven hour drive with no pit stops and good traffic! I will be coming home on Friday by myself unless God provides me with a lady friend to keep me company! Ok so, all I ask is if you read this you pray for our trip, for travel safety and mostly for her and her doctors! A major surgery is in her near future! Thanks and God bless!