Friday, January 10, 2014

Today's cleaning thought

Ok, so I was reading something today online and it was talking about 20 things you need to clean out now, today now.  It included old shoes and clothing you aren't wearing. How about extra those extra clothes the kiddos have outgrown?!  Or, asking your married children to finally get their furniture out of the basement or attic. I realized I have a ton of their stuff from school that I should take pictures of and put on a cd for them, or even make it into a book for them!  That would be cool for a Christmas gift.  I need to do a bit of that in the next day or two, along with a few other things. We have a funeral service coming up and it made me think about how much stuff I have here that I don't want my kiddos to have to clean out!  I guess the local thrift shop will be gifted all this stuff I don't want or can't use anymore.