Friday, January 31, 2014

My curtain project

Ok, so I have this window that faces my porch but when some one is on the porch you can see right into my living room. Also this is where I keep my cat's food so the dog can't reach it. Originally I had just a valance because I like the look but didn't like the non privacy issue, even though we are considered rural!
I realized I forgot it take to take a picture of how I actually sewing the "strings" on!  I made the rectangle and hemmed the one end so I could put the rod through.  I attached a half string to the front and back, one in the middle and one on either end. The end ones are about four inches from the ends.  

The picture above is one with the strings tied in bows, and the one below has the original valance over it. I used a double curtain rod.  I want to be able to tie it up when I want the window open and it also will allow my cat to sneak behind it when I want the curtain down but the window open!