Monday, January 27, 2014

Answered prayers for the day

Okay, so today has been an interesting one!  God has been amazing in answering little prayers!  For those of you who don't know, I am the librarian at our church.  I just processed about 20 books and put them into the library on Saturday.  I always put a list in the church mailboxes so people know what is new.  I put a little note saying I was looking for two books in particular to finish a series. So now you are thinking, okay big deal.  Well, on most Mondays I help sort books at our local thrift shop. Now this thrift shop is managed by someone I go to church with and a fair amount of the volunteers are also from our church.  Anyway, I was there today and was sorting a bunch of adult fiction books.  Woohoo! There were the two books I am missing and they are in great shape! 
Second answer prayer for the day...a few months ago I bought a pair of leather cowboy boots from a store that is about 10-12 miles from me. I called them this morning and told them I need to exchange them. When I got to the store, they had pulled the wrong ones for me to exchange with.  I had gotten boys boots, not the ladies due to the cost difference! Anyway, I went back to the shoe department and looked through the style I wanted. I found every size but what I needed. I asked the lady back there if by any chance she had the size I wanted, in the back. She came out with a smile and said she found the only pair in my size! Woohoo!

I had a great time with my grand daughter this afternoon, who is two!  She is a hoot. Emily is a very busy little girl who lives her "gamma"!  After Pappy got home from work, he decided to blow bubbles in the living room for her! His idea, not hers! Good thing we now have linoleum instead of a rug.  

Bible study was cancelled tonight due to the winds blowing the snow everywhere and black ice. We are studying the book "Unglued".  It is a great book to deal with your emotions and not have those blow up moments. Stay safe if you have to go out. Blessings to all!