Monday, April 7, 2014

Toddler bed blanket

So my grand daughter who is two will tell you that she isn't a baby anymore. She is a big girl. Well the stinker fell out of her crib at home a few weeks ago, so mommy and daddy changed her crib to the toddler bed option. She is almost too big for my pack-n-play as she is getting so tall.  Well, a friend gave me a toddler bed along with with a crib and a sheet! So I surprised the munchkin with her new big girl bed at our house and told her she could pick out material for a new blanket. Below is her choices. Do they match? No but they are cute together.
Here I cut the material and batting to the same size. I used a yard and half of batting and I bought two yards of each material, which is flannel. She also 
picked a small pillow so I used the extra material to make two pillow cases.
Is my model just the cutest girl ya ever did see?!!