Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Prayers and medicine question

So recently I was told by my doctor  that he wants me to try the drug  Enbrel. I was told that it will help my psoriasis and my hands splitting! I wondered if anyone else has tried it?  

The side effects that are listed are scary but so are some of the ones for the meds I already take. I keep thinking that I shouldn't complain especially while watching some of my friends and them dealing with cancer! 

I have a friend who is in another state in the hospital there. She can't come home due to major health issues. She was supposed to have a double surgery but isn't strong enough! Even sitting in a chair  for a few hours, walking from  her bed to the door tires her out. Her family did drive to the other state and stayed for a week. She has been out there by herself for several weeks. My prayers are for her strength, faith and courage to stay strong. 

Another friend is fighting another type of cancer, and now has to have a biopsy on her breast.  This makes number five for her I believe!  My prayers are for her health, mind and faith to also stay strong.