Monday, April 14, 2014

Felt Food, easy and fun to make!

 So here is my latest project.  I decided to make some felt food for my grand daughter, Emily. She loves playing in her little kitchen but needs some food to go with it! They are so expensive to buy new and rare to find at thrift shops. I guess everyone else is looking for them also! I have no patterns for any of this but I am hoping that my explanations will make sense.  All stuffing on here is scrap batting.

The photo with the brown in the middle is my attempt at a burger. I cut out a circle to make the burger. I forgot when I cut the circle, I needed to leave a "tab" so that my burger is actually round after being sewn, and not flat on one edge. Oh well, live and learn!

The carrots were easy. I folded a piece of felt at a corner, cut it to length and sewed it up the side! For the top, I cut a piece of green felt. I took some DMC thread (3 of the 6 strands), made a running stitch around the top of the carrot. I attached the green at the same time.

For the  banana, I cut three pieces of yellow in the shape you see in the picture. I sewed them together at the sides but did not go up the whole way.  I stopped at the angle. It makes more sense when you see the finished one.  The banana inside is a very light beige. I cut it about the same length as the outside, and rounded the one edge. I then sewed it up the open side, leaving the bottom open.  I stuffed the white part of the banana and then put it into the middle of the yellow part. I lined up the bottom edges and did sort of a running/gathering stitch to catch all edges.

As you can see on the bottom photo, I did a few more things that what is show above.  You can see the finished carrots and banana.  I also did eggs (one in each plastic egg), bacon, two pop-tarts, the green is lettuce for the burger.  The tomato and cheese aren't finished yet. The goldfish will be getting a bag to go with them. I have some clear vinyl and I think I might sew a window in the bag and perhaps sew a fish on the outside. I want to make a few more things but for now, a certain little girl with get this as part of her Easter basket to keep at our house.