Saturday, June 30, 2012

Books I have read and really liked

I like any of Karen Kingsbury's books but I am reading the Bailey Flanigan series. It is a continuation from the Baxter Family series.

The latest christian fiction book I have read is called "Inescapable" by Nancy Mehl. it is part of the "Road to Kingdom series" and is book one. Lizzie Engel is from Kingdom, Kansas and has been running to protect herself and her child. When she realizes that someone is following her, her only choice is to go back home. Home to Kingdom, the place she ran from to start with!  I really enjoyed this story, being Mennonite myself and because I like mysteries. It kept me on my toes to the end!

I just read a book titled "Submerged" by Dani Pettrey. It is a christian mystery and book one of the Alaskan Courage series. I can't wait for the next book to come out!

Touching the sky by Tracie Peterson, is another book I just read. This is #2 of the Land of the Lone Star series. It revolves around the Civil War, actually as it ends, and is in Texas. It talks about the Black Troops that fought for the Union. I need to read the first in the series, and find out if the next one is also available!