Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cotton potholders

I have been working on several dishcloths and potholders for wedding presents. I hope to include several pictures as I am trying several different styles of dishcloths. The potholders are easy but I hope that I can give the directions as easily as they are to do! I will try to give directions here and include a picture shortly. Cotton potholders-- Chain 31. Turn and single crochet in each chain. At the end of the row, do NOT turn. I did 2 sc (single crochet) in the end chain. Continue to single crochet on the other side of the chain row. If it helps, think of your work as a paperclip shape. Again, when I reached the end of the row, I did 2 sc in the end chain. From here on out, I did only one sc on the ends. Your work will start turning on you, which is fine! Continue working round and round until your potholder is curled enough to touch. When the ends are touching, on one end of your potholder, crochet a chain of 8-10 slip-stitches. Cut enough yarn to slip-stitch the ends closed. This will make sense as you work I promise. I need to start another potholder so I can include pictures as it is easier to explain with pictures.